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BloomBoss FUSION Pro 1000 LED

BloomBoss FUSION Pro 1000 LED Grow Light with UV-Boss Mode


Product Detail

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Product Description

BloomBoss FUSION® Pro Series LED grow lights mark a major advancement in LED grow light technology with the introduction of proprietary secondary 90 and 120 degree lenses that magnify (PAR) increasing light penetration deep throughout the canopy and UV-Boss Mode to maximize the potency and active compounds of your harvest.

With dedicated switches for the Vegetative and Bloom cycles, BloomBoss’s FUSION Pro 1000 provides your plants with just the right light spectrum at each stage of their growth. 

A third switch, UV-Boss Mode provides UV-A light that has been proven to maximize the potency and active compounds of certain plants. Typically, UV-Boss Mode is only used during the finishing stage of the flowering cycle (final 2 weeks). However, some growers opt to use UV-Boss Modethroughout the entire life cycle or to harden off their plants before moving them outside.

BloomBoss’s proprietary TrueSun® Smart Spectrum has been developed by indoor growers over many years of careful experimentation and testing to provide you with a true replacement for the sun. The TrueSun® Smart Spectrum provides the optimal amount of blue, red and white light for each stage of your plants’ growth cycle while producing bigger flowers.

The combination of the TrueSun® Smart Spectrum and UV further develops and enhances the natural appearance of your plants.

Housed in a stylish, yet durable BloomBoss Blue exterior case, your BloomBoss FUSION Pro 1000 grow light will bring you many successful harvests for years to come.