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Pruning and LED Lighting

Pruning your plants ? is of utmost importance, even – or especially – when growing indoors for the winter. Pinch basil flowers, tip certain plants, remove some larger leaves ? to boost plant energy and definitely prune anything brittle or damaged. Using LED lights gives you the ability to work under your lights and save […]

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Air Pots

These tomato plants did VERY well above ground and it is clear that that this is due to the excellent root system which has developed. The roots have filled up the entire volume of the compost with no circling. The air-pruning of root tips in the cones (from which they cannot escape) forces the plant to […]

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My white fig stayed inside my solarium this winter as I lost two of them last year. Now, in March, I am being rewarded with my first fig of the season. I will be putting it outside when night temperatures are in the high 40s, and I will harden it off by bringing it outside […]

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Check out our tomatoes growing hydroponically in an Emily’s Garden system from Hydrofarm.  They are growing under a KIND LED K3 L600 light.  We are using House and Gardens Aqua Flakes A&B for our base nutrient and their Top Booster which is an excellent flower stimulator which works on the basis of potassium, phosphorus and iron and Bud […]

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